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The things you notice

February 21, 2023

Last week, on one of his solo walks with Georgie, Joe decided to investigate a side trail. You never know where they might go or what you might notice. He was sufficiently pleased with his finds to share this discovery with me yesterday.

For example, he’d spotted (as I did) this sign.

Yes, there was a little “path” around this large tree. Obviously the sign was put up by a Brit.

And this sign.

Tell me you haven’t (assuming you’re a certain age) immediately started to hear Captain Kirk’s voice.

And then there was this, perched on top of a mossy rock.

A snowman cradling a golf ball and, I don’t know, baby Jesus?

The things you see on walks in the woods.

But there were things Joe hadn’t noticed last week.

For example.

Yes, a camp stool conveniently hanging from a broken branch on a tree. You know, just in case you need a bit of a rest and the ground’s too wet.

And then there were these, almost buried in moss (and resurrected by us).

Snowmen and monsters and chairs, oh, my!

Good discovery, Joe! Let’s hope it’s far enough off the beaten path that the whimsy police don’t find it.

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