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More of the white stuff

February 22, 2023

Just because you feel done with snow doesn’t mean snow is done with you.

Started early evening yesterday. Good thing I’d decided it was going to be cold enough to merit replacing the heat pump’s output with a fire in the woodstove. That meant there was some light in the room when the power went out around 10:30pm. 

Grabbed a torch and went outside to get the generator going. Surprised to see there wasn’t all that much snow on the ground. Why the hell had the power gone off? Well, whatever the reason, it wasn’t like to get fixed until this morning. That late in the evening there was no way BC Hydro was going to dispatch a crew as they’d miss the last sailing back. Hopefully the power would be fixed by the time I got up. If not, the generator would sort me out with a cappuccino.

Much to my surprise the power came back on while I was reading (Harry’s a helicopter pilot in Afghanistan now) with the light of a lantern just after 2am. Very odd. Obviously the problem was on the “big island”, not here. There still wasn’t that much snow on the ground.

Not so now.

Bring in hummingbird feeder to thaw out. Fortunately the suet feeder is still available for the other birds.

And the snow’s still falling. Argh.

This afternoon Ben and I were supposed to be having our first coaching session for Ruby Red Lipstick. One thing I know we’re going to need help with (although perhaps not during the first session) is the “long, lingering kiss”. If I’d had any idea I might end up playing Violet, I doubt I would have included this kiss between a seventy-something widow and the age-appropriate ghost of her long dead husband. I know there are ways to do this convincingly onstage without actually having to snog, but I don’t know what those ways are. I’m sure our professional coach can help.

That can wait. I’m going nowhere in the car today. The session is now same time next week.

The only place I’m going is to the woodshed.

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