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Ghost writers on the sly

February 20, 2023

Sunday brunch with J.R. Moehringer.

With whom? Well, as I discovered by chance (and I was not particularly surprised), Prince Harry had a ghost writer for Spare. 

I have no doubt that the book is based on interviews with and recordings made by Harry, but 100 pages in I also have no doubt the cover should be “PRINCE HARRY with J.R. Moehringer”. Nothing against Harry, but he’s the first to admit he wasn’t the world’s greatest scholar and the book is remarkably cogent.

I’ve never read a book about or biography of any member of the Windsor family and I did debate acquiring a copy of this one. It was the Colbert interview what did it.

I can’t imagine there’s anything to learn later on about his relationship with Meghan that wasn’t covered by their Netflix series (which I did, of course, watch), but the early days are holding my interest. I actually wish there were earlier days. 

The book pretty much starts with 12-year-old Harry being woken up in the middle of the night by his father, bearing the news that “Mummy’s been in an accident.” I confess I wouldn’t have minded some earlier memories of a childhood divided between Mummy and Pa. (Maybe there will be flashbacks later, although it seems pretty linear so far.)

After debating whether or not to read the book, I debated where to buy it. I am sorry to admit I went with the evil option: the heavily discounted, free delivery (as a Prime subscriber) Amazon option. My apologies to the warehouse workers, but I’m not sorry I didn’t pay full price. Especially knowing Harry had an uncredited ghost writer. Hope Moehringer is on a percentage, but I doubt it.

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