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Oh, come on

September 8, 2020

Wake up this morning to discover the fucking pus ball is coming back. Oh, come on. I’ve been good. I’ve been to the dreaded dentist. (Not this particular dentist. She really is quite nice. All dentists are dreaded.) I’ve got an appointment later this month to start the process of extraction and replacement. I’ve been good. This is so unfair.

On a brighter note, the new fridge is being delivered this afternoon. The old fridge is mostly cleared out, science experiments disposed of, all the things (coat rack, etc) that normally live between the door and the fridge shifted elsewhere. Time to shift the table and chairs and umbrella off the deck temporarily.

Brief moment of panic yesterday after Jan asks me if the exterior of my soon-to-be-delivered fridge is metal or plastic. Say what? Turns out her daughter moved into a condo that had a fridge with a plastic exterior. What? I have a lot of fridge magnets, including the one that holds up the shopping list. A plastic exterior? No, no, no, this cannot be. Fortunately, it isn’t, as I confirm by stopping by the store with a fridge magnet. It sticks. Hurrah.

Yikes! Just got a call from said store. They are planning to deliver sometime between noon and 2pm, not sometime after 3pm. I’ve got to get moving. With no more time to write, here, have a cartoon.

The news over the weekend that many of the boats in the Wankmaggot-supporting flotilla sank gave me the best laugh I’ve had in days.

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