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Where was I?

September 9, 2020

Oh, yes, I was running around, clearing the deck (literally – I had to get the table and chairs off the deck) and emptying the freezer before the delivery guys turned up three hours earlier than originally planned.

They arrived, took the door off the hinges, removed the old fridge (no fond farewells from me) and started bringing the new fridge in piece by piece.

Reassembling it took an hour. Then I had to wait another hour before plugging it in. (They couldn’t bring it in the big truck, because the power line was too low, so had to lay it on its side for transport. Time needed to let gas settle.) Used some of that hour to wash the floor where the old fridge had been. As I commented on Facebook, this clearly had not been done for many years and I suspect the next time the floor under the fridge is washed, I’ll be dead.

Then it was time.

Woo hoo! I cannot tell you how happy this makes me.

Only one problem. No, not with the fridge. The problem is the microwave.

Mike owned it when I met him in 1992. No idea how long he’d had it before that. There’s very little counter space here, so it has resided on top of the fridge. Mike used it a fair bit. Me, not so much. The new fridge is taller than the old one, so keeping the microwave on top of it, not so handy. If not there, where? It’s a waste of counter space. As I said, I hardly ever use it. In fact, when do I use it? Let’s see. Once in a blue moon, I’ll buy some pastrami and heat it in the microwave before I make my sandwich.

Other than that, my only regular use for it is when I’m making bread. What can a microwave have to do with making bread, you ask? Good question. I need two cups of warm water to dissolve the sugar and yeast. My tap water comes from a well and isn’t potable. So I use the microwave to heat water from the big jug of drinking water. When I mention this dilemma to a couple of mates, one of them looks at me and says, “You have a kettle, right?” Well, of course I have a kettle. How else would I make tea? Oh, right. I could use the kettle to heat water. Duh. Sometimes the blindingly obvious isn’t. Or at least apparently not to me.

The microwave can go to the local recycling depot! (Pastrami can be wrapped in foil and put in the toaster oven, can’t it?) Problem solved. The microwave is sitting in the car, waiting to be dropped off later today.

Meanwhile, the pus ball is bigger today than it was yesterday. Yet another prescription for antibiotics has been started. So far no agonising pain. Fingers crossed that will remain the case. I do still have some painkillers left from the last time. (Note to self: Buy some more kiwi fruit in case constipation-inducing painkillers required.)

I’ve got the fridge of my dreams. Now what?

Well, I’ve never like the sink Mike chose for the bathroom when I was back in London. Never. Every time I see a vessel sink in someone else’s home I get a bit green with envy. Maybe it’s time to start fantasising about this.

I might just have enough money left over from the dental work.

In other news…

When I heard over the weekend that Michael Cohen’s book was coming out yesterday, I immediately set the PVR to record Rachel Maddow’s show, as she was certain to have read an advance copy and I do so enjoy watching her doing a precis of anti-Wankmaggot books. Turned out she wasn’t doing a precis. She had Michael Cohen on for an hour-long interview. Okay, Cohen’s no hero, but sometimes when the worm turns, it turns out to have a lot of interesting things to say.

The interview is available in chunks on the internet. This one is Cohen talking about why the Wankmaggot is so jealous of Obama. Worth watching other clips, too.

I love the fact that Cohen chose Maddow, of all the cable news hosts, for his first interview. Nothing could have been designed to drive the Wankmaggot quite so mad as his former fixer giving an interview to a smart, liberal lesbian. Nothing. Well done, Michael.

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