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Say what?

September 7, 2020

Back in the day (the 1970s), when it was revealed, during the Senate investigation into the Watergate scandal, that paranoid President Richard Nixon taped every conversation in the Oval Office, there was a moment of stunned silence in the hearing room. Eventually, following multiple subpoenas and legal challenges, investigators got their hands on these tapes – or at least the ones Nixon’s secretary hadn’t “accidentally” deleted.

There were a number of unpleasant revelations on the tapes, but one thing that shocked many people was the vulgarity of the language used by the president himself and his close advisers. Fucks were indeed flying everywhere, not to mention the use of many, many derogatory terms for pretty much anyone who wasn’t a Republican WASP male. Presidents might think these things, but it simply wasn’t done for them to say them out loud. (You know, the good old days.)

There may have been a lot of effing and blinding, a lot of racial slurs (including his infamous “monkey” conversation with then California governor Ronald Reagan), but there was one thing Nixon was never caught doing on tape. He was never caught denigrating US enlisted men (or women).

It surprises me to learn that anyone still has the ability to be shocked (or at least pretend to be shocked) by anything that comes out of the Tangerine Wankmaggot’s puckered, potty mouth.

There are two things that are, at least supposedly, sacrosanct in the US of A.

The flag is one. (They hold their hands over their hearts when they pledge allegiance to it, for heaven’s sake, or when they sing their national anthem which is also devoted to it.) This is why the Wankmaggot was able to whip up so much fury when Colin Kaepernick first knelt.

The second is military servicemen (and women) who are thanked for their service whenever seen in uniform and whose parents are awarded a gold star if they die whilst in the military.

I always thought it was a bit rich for an asshole who dodged the draft with some spurious medical condition to claim that athletes kneeling during the national anthem was a deliberate insult to members of the US armed services.

It was obvious from his dismissal of John McCain’s war hero status during the 2016 campaign that the Wankmaggot* had zero respect for anyone’s service.

So how is anyone able to evince shock about revelations in The Atlantic last week that the President of the United States thinks anyone who dies in combat is a loser or a sucker? After all, there is nothing Nixon could have thought that the Wankmaggot hasn’t actually said out loud. The man clearly thinks anyone who does anything to benefit anyone other than himself is a loser. That’s what being a narcissist is all about.

Obviously the Wankmaggot’s diehard 35% will dismiss this as fake news. These are people who firmly believe that all men (and women) are not created equal – only white men (and women).

Will this sway many of those Yanks in the middle ground? The independents and former Democrats who voted for the flim flam man four years ago? Let’s hope so.

If nothing else it increases one’s level of confidence that on January 20th next year there will be no generals unwilling to give the order and few enlisted men disinclined to obey the order to march into the Oval Office to cart the kicking and screaming current inhabitant out. (And take him, preferably, straight to fucking jail.)

Assuming, of course, that the Wankmaggot and his minions haven’t managed to steal the election and that is the day President Biden is sworn in. Let’s cross our fingers and then touch wood, shall we?


* If I’d seen the image above before the Scottish protest sign telling the Tangerine Wankmaggot to fuck off, I might have adopted Cocksplat as my name for him. After I shared the image on Facebook a number of friends said Cocksplat (which also came from a Scottish protest sign) was the perfect name. I stood by Wankmaggot. Then someone suggested (in acknowledgement of the Scottish contribution) that he be renamed Cocksplat MacWankmaggot. I’m fine with that.

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