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Getting shit done

September 6, 2020

Okay, I didn’t get up on the roof yesterday, but I did actually get some shit done.

Began by (in anticipation of good news from Mike the delivery guy) clearing off the outside of the fridge. Speaking of good news: When I shifted the cake tin I discovered there was still some of Irmani’s Christmas cake in it. Bonus! Tea and cake for me later.

Then I got myself in the car and went to the market.

Said market runs every Saturday from 10am to 2pm from the end of May until the middle of October. This is the first time I’ve actually made it this year. Stocked up on homemade jam and chutney, and bought a belt.

Off to the grocery store for the weekly shop. Turns out that if you manage to get yourself out of the house before 5pm, the queue to get in to buy groceries is really quite long. (Note to self: Next time, take a book.)

Back home, groceries unpacked, time to make something for lunch. Before hauling the ladder up to the back of the house, decide to check emails first. As I approach the computer I realise…

How long have I been telling myself on an almost daily basis that I really must have a tidy up in my “office” space? Okay, I decide. There is no time like the present. Make myself a cuppa and get to work. Good grief. Some of the filing goes back to last November. Bloody hell. An hour later, while I am still sorting through filing and recycling, the phone rings. It’s Shelly from the home and garden store ringing to confirm that Mike can get the dismantled fridge through the door. Hurrah! Tell her I’ll be down there as soon as I can.

What seems like another hour later et voila!

I can actually see the tops of my newly polished desk and filing cabinet. The amount of dust on both was quite amazing. (And depressing – blimey, how long had it been?)

Back in the car and back to the village to buy the fridge of my dreams. Even including the tax and the increased delivery charge for the dismantling and reassembling, because it was so fortuitously on sale, it’s still cheaper than the original sticker price.)

Home again for another cuppa and a slice of Irmani’s Christmas cake, which is still delicious. All that booze really does preserve well.

So, to recount:

  • daily writing done,
  • front of existing fridge cleared off,
  • first visit all year to the market, stocked up on jam and chutney and have a new belt made by a local craftsman, which will not turn out in a year or less to be made of two layers of plastic over cardboard,
  • work space tidied, desk polished,
  • refrigerator purchased

That is definitely more than just one thing. That is getting shit done.

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