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First feed

March 23, 2023

An email reminder from Rhodo Dave that it’s time for the first feed. Unfortunately my feed jar is empty. Send him a message to say he’ll need to let me know what it’s called and whether I can buy it on the island… unless he’s will to refill my jar? Bless him he is. Pop over for a top up then home to change into gardening jeans.

First things first. Remove all dead leaves from the ground.

Hmm, yes. There are rather a lot of them.

Decide to add a second step: pruning.

Not sure if this is the right time of the year to prune, but it really is long overdue. And there’s another reason.

No sign of flowers on the rhodo on the left (and no surprise – haven’t seen a flower on this one since the year I planted it), but there are several on the one on the right. On the other side from the deck where they would be tough to see without pruning.

You can’t see them, as they are hidden by leaves, but there are three more flowers there.

Post-pruning they will indeed be visible from the deck.

A handful of feed each and a generous watering. Two down, four to go.

Tomorrow is another day.

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