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You just never know

March 22, 2023

The threatened rain failed to materialise yesterday. Instead it was a lovely sunny afternoon for a walk. Decided, as it was officially the first day of spring, that it was time to abandon my winter coat and don a fleece instead.

One of my favourite walks, which we haven’t done for a while. As it wasn’t raining and the ground wasn’t mucky, time to take a side trail detour we haven’t used for a quite a lot longer. Which led to another detour to see how much water was in an old quarry hole. Answer? Not much. Heading back to the main trail, Georgie veered off into a previously unexplored side trail. What the hell? We weren’t in a hurry, so we followed her.

Look what we found!

An actual pond! With a little bridge!

Georgie, of course, was happy as Larry that this familiar walk has suddenly acquired a water feature. (Short pause as I google the phrase and remind myself that the Larry in question was the late 19th century Australian boxer Larry Foley, who never lost a fight.)

Joe and I have commented in the past that various places would make a good picnic spot. None more so than this one. (Not that we’ve ever actually included a picnic in a walk. Perhaps this will inspire us.)

It was warm in the sun, so I took off my fleece. It wasn’t until I was looking down as I tied the arms around my waist that I realised the plaid shirt, the cashmere jumper and the fleece I was wearing had all belonged to Mike. Had there been some subconscious decision as I dressed for my walk yesterday to don clothes I’d kept after his death twelve years earlier. Perhaps there was. Still, it was a jarring revelation. And kinda nice.

Anyway, a reminder to always investigate the side trails. You just never know what you might find.

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