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A snowy walk

February 25, 2023

Well, it does look pretty.

To my surprise, Joe brought the ball and hurler for Georgie. He was assuming, it seems, that if he kept his throws straight on to the trodden path it woul be fairly easy to see where the ball went. He assumed wrong. Ten minutes into our walk the ball hit a tiny cedar branch and veered off. After ten minutes of hopeless searching it was time to admit defeat and explain to Georgie that there would be no more ball throwing.

That’s okay. If there’s no ball, a stick will do. Any stick. If it’s in my hand or Joe’s, she wants it. Of course, as soon as you throw it for her and it lands on the ground, she loses interest. But there are plenty of sticks.

And, if there are no sticks, a snowball will do.

This is a screen grab from a short video I took of Georgie leaping in the air to successfully catch a snowball in her mouth – then wonder where the hell it went. The video is really funny, but, alas and again, WordPress won’t let me paste in videos.

More snow in the forecast today: 30cm expected. The question is when it will really get going. It’s starting now. In two hours I’m supposed to be heading out for the first of my watercolour classes. If the snow is really coming down and sticking, the class will be cancelled. If there isn’t all that much snow it will go ahead.


The class is two hours long and, as I discovered to my cost the evening of the Friday panto performance, a lot of snow can fall in an hour, let alone two. If it’s still coming down at 1pm when we’re supposed to get a yay or nay email from the instructor, do I risk it? It’s certainly not as far to drive as it was that Friday night – and it won’t be dark outside – but driving in heavy snowfall, as I’ve mentioned before, is more than a bit nightmarish since the accident six years ago.

Decisions, decisions.


STOP PRESS: Class cancelled. Good call. Quick run to the village to stock up on plonk, fags, cat litter, etc before snowmageddon settles in. Time, methinks, to make some soup.

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