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What was I thinking?

February 24, 2023

know better. When there’s heavy snowfall, once the car has been successfully moved from the longer back driveway to the street, do not try to get back up it until the snow is gone. 

But, oh, no. 

In a fit of bravado or stupidity or just not thinking, coming back from the village yesterday afternoon I tried to get up the back drive. And, of course, even though I have snow tires, I didn’t make it. Three quarters of the way up and the wheels just couldn’t get purchase. Okay, reverse down long windy driveway and park just off the road in the front drive.

Last time this happened was in the crazy winter of 08/09. I misjudged the turns and got stuck at the side of the drive. Had to phone someone with a 4×4 to come and help get Mike into the house. At least I had the excuse that I was trying to reverse at night in a blizzard. It would be okay today with the sun shining. Nope. 

Misjudged it again and managed to stop just before the left back wheel was completely in a ditch. Argh. 

Came in and called BCAA. Until last month I hadn’t called BCAA since an accident on the highway (not my fault) six years ago. Yesterday was the second time in a month. (Dead battery a few weeks ago.) 

So, Tom (contracted by BCAA for breakdowns on the island) turned up in his tow truck and dragged the car out of nearly-in-the-ditch and backwards down the drive until I could reverse the rest of the way and do what I should have done in the first place: park at the bottom of the front drive. Gah.

The annual cost ($85) for a basic BCAA membership doesn’t see to have increased for some time. By my calculation I’ve paid $510 since the accident six years ago. At least, as one friend pointed out, I’m getting my money’s worth out of them this winter.

With more snow in the forecast starting tomorrow and falling most of next week, who knows? Perhaps I’ll be seeing Tom again.

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