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The year in review

December 31, 2022

It’s the last day of 2022. As years go, it hasn’t been bad.

In June A Divine Comedy, the original draft of which I wrote decades ago, finally made it to the stage. Not only that, but confirmation a couple of months later that in the coming year it is going to be performed by a professional theatre company on the other side of the country. So I can truthfully, albeit misleadingly, state it’s been performed from coast to coast.

Pause as I realise today is the deadline for submitting work to the Canadian National Playwriting competition and decide, what the hell, to submit A Divine Comedy. If An Unhelpful Complication made it to the finals four years ago – stalled, primarily, by being too short – perhaps this one will go all the way. Who knows?

The year also included the trip to the UK that was put on hold in 2020 by covid. The Welsh portion of the trip may have been ineffably sad, but the rest was lovely – friends, family, theatre, galleries, real ale. Favourite day? Would it be awful to admit it was probably the one I spent on my own in London?

Well, perhaps not my favourite (there are so many from which to choose), but it was special to spend time alone with my old friend, London.

Back home with the prospect looming of directing a panto with no leading lady, no leading man, no sets. Three days before the auditions I just wanted someone to shoot me. Good thing no one did, because we ended up making magic.

So, as I said, as years go, it wasn’t bad at all. 

As for the coming year, well (gulp), we shall see.

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