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It’s not much, but…

December 19, 2022

… it’s a tree. Well, sort of.

I had four choices. 

(1) Have no tree at all this year. 

(2) Take the car on the ferry tomorrow when I have to go to town for a dentist appointment and hope I could find a real tree somewhere – although god knows where to look. 

(3) Pay $160+tax for a 7’ pre-lit artificial tree. 

(4) Check the island recycling depot on the off chance that someone had rid themselves of an artificial tree. 

Scored on 4.

It’s not much to look at. Half the decorations are still in the box. It’s not terribly steady on its box, but thankfully Stella has never shown any previous interest in Christmas trees. And it was cheap. (Proof if any required that you do get what you pay for.) But it’s a tree. Of sorts. The decorations that mean the most are on it and the lights are pretty.

It’s snowing again. Time to get on with making the chocolate truffles before the power goes out again.

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  1. janeshead permalink

    It looks great!

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