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Isn’t that special?

January 3, 2022

The Big Freeze unfroze enough for rain overnight and most of the day. By morning the winter wonderland had disappeared, replaced by slush, slush, slush.

Lovely. Oh, well, at least the giant icicle that nearly took my out when I was turning the corner of the house to head the woodshed the other day has melted.

And most of the rhodos, no longer weighed down by snow, have, as Rhodo Dave predicted, bounced back up. Most of the flower buds seem to have survived. That’s something.

Forced to head to the village by a shortage of fags (ciggies, in case you’re confused), coffee and kindling. The snow tires which worked just fine on actual snow a few days ago could do nothing but spin on the slush when I got back. Couldn’t even get the car up the drive.

Somehow managed four trips to the woodshed and back without sliding on to my ass, which felt like a major accomplishment.

Lucky Joe had more than a week of fun in the snow with Georgie.

When I finally get together with them again tomorrow for our first walk in two weeks, as I just said to Joe in a text, it won’t be fun in the snow, it will be sloshing through slush. Yes, he replied, it was so grim today he cut their walk short. Humph. He also sent me the forecast for the next few days.

Humph. Of course it’s to be raining tomorrow (although a small prospect of a bit of sun). Of course it’s going to go down to freezing and all the slush will turn into ice.


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