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My bad

January 4, 2022

It was going pretty well. Yesterday I got up at 10am – a day earlier than I thought I would. This morning I woke up just past noon. My bad. The most recent series of Line of Duty caught me in its sweaty girp and wouldn’t let me go. Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. (Now, not all in one night, I have to go back and watch series one again to remind myself who Tommy Hunter and Ryan Pilkington and a host of other characters were.) Oh, well, it’s an aspiration.

And right now I have to get dressed, have something to eat and head out to meet Joe and Georgie for our first walk in a fortnight. Hopefully the tread on my new winter boots will prevent me slipping in the slush.

More – and, of course, a photo of Georgie – when I get back.

Okay, I’m back. Pleased to say new boots provided both warmth and excellent traction. My ass is completely dry.

Sheer delight to see Georgie again and have our first walk this year. She went crazy when she saw me, which would be flattering if I didn’t know she goes crazy whenever she sees anyone.

The snow may no longer be powdery, but apparently she still loves rolling in it. 

Along the way we came across this pawprint in the snow. 

Difficult to tell from the photo, but it was huge. Big enough to be a bear, I said. (We did actually have a bear on the island a few years ago, but this was a most singular occurrence and it’s been a few years since the last sighting.) Perhaps not, said Joe, but definitely big enough to be a cougar. (Not that there have been any recent sightings of one of these. Again, a singular occurrence.)

So, of course, when I get home I have to Google this.

Okay, clearly not a bear pawprint.
Or a cougar pawprint.

Just a bloody great dog, then. Oh, well. Fun to imagine lions and tigers and bears, oh, my!

Home to find a message from my friend Jean, who’s booked to have her booster shot on Saturday. Mine wasn’t scheduled until the following Wednesday. Her message said that a number of slots had opened up on Saturday. If I could get an appointment near her slot at 9:40am, we could drive down to the community hall together. Went online and booked a slot at 9:45. Good news, bad news. Good news that I’m getting the booster several days earlier. Bad news that I have to be and ready to go by 9:15am Saturday morning.

No more slippage this week.

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