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Some divine writing

July 24, 2021

I said a little while ago that I was going – for better or worse – to get back to writing something every day and so far I’ve managed.

This morning that writing was divine. As in A Divine Comedy, revised first scene of. I was inspired! Six brand new pages!

Now I need to get on with my day. Top of the list a visit to the bank to deposit something – a refund from the Inland Revenue on the tax I paid when I cashed out a company pension last year. I did ask them to deposit the money in my UK bank account, but they sent me a cheque instead. Rather than post it to my bank in London, I might as well deposit it here, as here is where I need the money. A cheque for £2268! Even with the annoying drop in the value of the post-Brexit pound this is nearly enough to cover the cost of the heat pump I am now going to have installed. It will cost more than I paid for my car, but less than I’m going to be paying for my new front tooth. God knows when this will happen, as the non-profit on the island that installs heat pumps has been deluged with requests since the recent heatwave. (For anyone who is not familiar, heat pumps both heat and cool.) But I’m on the list.

So, if you want something longer to read today, have this. 

Oh, it seems WordPress has changed the way you embed pdfs. (Honestly, if it ain’t broke, why the hell fix it?) If you click on the image, you will get to read all the pages.

Two of you in particular will be interested as you already know I would not consider a live performance of A Divine Comedy unless I can get the band back together.

PS Or not. Apparently the pdf does not actually open. Bastards. Will have to figure something else out. Off to the bank.

Okay, let’s do it this way. (God, this is annoying.)

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    Great work!

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