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Georgie on my mind

July 25, 2021

It’s only been just over a week since Joe dognapped Georgie and took her on the road for a month, but I’d already started missing her quite a lot by Tuesday, one of our walk days.  Fortunately Joe has been providing regular updates on her excellent summer vacation.

Georgie in the city.

Georgie with Joe (and a lot of other people) on one of the north shore suspension bridges. 

Georgie when they broke their journey in Revelstoke. (The sky is an orangy pink because much of BC through which they’ve been driving is on fire. Joe feared they might hit road closures, but they were lucky – unlike the many communities in the province which are on evacuation orders.)

More recently, Georgie in the Rockies. That was on Friday, our other regular walk day. I cannot tell you how much I love this photo. He also sent me a wonderful video of Georgie hurling herself into a mountain lake, which stupid WordPress won’t let me share. Like pdfs, it used to be easy to insert a video in a post, but not since they decided to “improve” it last year. (Why are all these “improvements” always anything but?”)

Of course, I’m also missing the exercise. Haven’t been for a walk since they left.

A walk this afternoon with another mate. One of my favourite places on the island, although the walk itself will be pretty short compared to the two and a half hour walks with Georgie and Joe. 

At least it will get me out of the house. That’s good. Photos tomorrow, perhaps.

Still dancing little mental jigs about the work I got done yesterday on the opening scene in A Divine Comedy. I think I may have a new favourite line: “I didn’t trip him on purpose.” Sent what I’d written to Tom, who replied with one word: “Delightful.” I do believe it is.

Already wondering if next spring is too soon to transfer the play from Zoom to an actual stage. 

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  2. John Galpin permalink

    I’ve never owned a dog (nor the many cats I’ve had as they own you) but I have a distinct feeling I’d like Georgie…

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