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It’s beginning to feel a bit like Christmas

December 18, 2020

This has to be the skinniest Christmas tree I’ve ever had in any home in which I’ve ever lived.

Mind you, it’s not the skinniest Christmas tree I’ve ever seen. That was at a friend’s house, seen earlier yesterday afternoon, before I headed out to the lot.

Even though it looked skinny there, I thought the branches would drop a bit. You know – as they generally do. But nope. What you saw was what you got. A skinny Christmas tree. I guess the bushy ones got snapped up before December 17. But, honestly, before December 16 I wasn’t feeling the least bit Christmassy.

Then my friend Jane posted her annual Christmas greeting on Facebook.


I can’t remember how many years it is since she first posted the Commie Kittens Christmas Carol, but it was an instant hit and has become a much loved tradition for her friends and family.

Then another “tradition” turned up: the fabulous Christmas cake my friend Irmani makes and send to me every year. (In case you can’t make it out, that’s a slice of said cake on a plate on the coffee table, along with a mug of Frangelico hot chocolate, which is very much a tradition of mine.) Suddenly I was feeling Christmassy.

As skinny as the tree is, I did still enjoy listening to my cheesy Christmas songs CD as I decorated. (Apparently I am not politically correct, because my seasonal favourite remains Tom Jones and Cerys Matthews singing ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’.)


And, as skinny as the tree is, I did still enjoy the memories that come back every year with every decoration.

Probably not for the first time, but certainly yesterday I registered some missing memories. How is it possible I have three ornaments from Amsterdam, but none from Paris? I’ve spent a lot more time in the latter than I have in the former. Why is there no glass Eiffel Tower? Or miniature Notre Dame? And how come I have an Edinburgh ornament, but not a single one from London? If Covid ever allows me to get back there, this is something I will have to sort out.

Speaking of Covid (and cheesy Christmas songs), here’s a little something (sent to my yesterday by my cousin Stephen) to enjoy while I get on with another one of my traditions: making liqueur chocolate truffles. Mmm.

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  1. John Galpin permalink

    I might have to pinch that Commie Christmas video to send to my Corbinista pals! Very funny!

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