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Two way street

September 26, 2020

Ahem. I believe I said last month when I committed to trying to write something every day that this needed to be a two way street. I believe I said I would give you something to read, but in return you needed to provide me with some sustenance in the form of likes or, even better, comments. Yes, indeed I did.

I know not every entry’s a winner. I also know there are people who do actually read whatever I’ve written every day – some of whom aren’t even friends of mine. (Hello, Pooja G and Blogging 101. Thank you for the likes, whoever you are.)

By this time every year for the past several years I’ve been involved in either directing or acting in the annual panto. Gets me out of the house three times a week for rehearsals. Gets me socialising with other people. As the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer, you have no idea how important this is. (Or perhaps you do.) Well, of course, this year there will be no panto thanks to the pandemic. No lines to learn, no production to oversee, no rehearsals to attend.

There have been no visitors so far in 2020 nor will there be any time this year. No food and wine and laughter with Krys or Catherine or Irmani to cheer me up. God knows when that will ever happen again. (Just last night I found myself thinking how desperately I wished Catherine could be here in early November. I know it’s unlikely that the final results of the US election will be known on November 3rd, but it would be so great to have another political junkie here to watch the returns with me. Fingers crossed it will be as satisfying as watching the Dems sweep back into control of the House of Representatives in 2018.)

Maybe this will be the winter when the muse returns. Maybe this will be the winter when I wake up every morning inspired to get cracking again on Murky Waters or Adam’s Rub. Or a brand new novel or play that does more than inspire a few enthusiastic pages before petering out into nothingness. Maybe. But this won’t be the first winter when I’ve hoped the same thing. I’m not holding my breath.

So I need you, dear reader. I need some virtual interaction with other human beings. And I could also do with a bit of validation.

There are some days (very much like this one) when I write about pretty much nothing at all and yet I know there are people who read what I write every day. Why?

Okay, I am aware that I write a pretty good and generally entertaining rant – especially now, when I am no longer constrained by writing a column published in the local paper, and can swear as much as I want. But those rants are generally once or twice a month. The rest of it seems to be little more than drivel. Tough to believe anyone (including friends – strangers are a mystery) could find what I’m writing… Find it what? Interesting? Entertaining? I don’t know. How could anyone be interested in my gardening misadventures or dental problems or this, just dross?

Seriously, I’d really like to know.

I need at least six people (preferably including Pooja G and other complete strangers) to take a minute to leave a comment and tell me why you enjoy reading this rubbish. I’m not saying I won’t be able to go on otherwise, but, trust me, it will help.




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  1. Donna permalink

    I’m struggling to get through my own inertia at the moment, and to be truthful, I feel overwhelmed by the prospect of putting thoughts together to comment. But…I hope you know I enjoy reading your stuff. x

  2. krysross permalink

    I always read your stuff (a couple of times Word Press has behaved oddly and prevented me from commenting). As I’ve said before, it’s a little bit like getting a letter. Okay, not personal and often not filled with much by way of news but once upon a time we sat in the same room exchanging notes for no discernible reason and with precious little to say. I’m sorry I’m not sending enough notes back. Will try harder.

    Miss you and miss Gabriola (but miss you more.)

  3. janeshead permalink

    Sometimes it’s interesting, sometimes it’s entertaining, sometimes I just like checking in with you 🙂

  4. Irmani Smallwood permalink

    I’m reading every day. Haven’t commented for ages as I needed to reset the password, which I have now done… this is the first year in 9 years which hasn’t included a Canada trip. I am missing you and the place horribly x

  5. Mariam Zama permalink

    Hi Miranda! Regular reader here. Why do I read? Makes me feel closer to you, despite not talking for ages. Your acerbic voice brings me back to evenings hanging out over Lots of good food and wine. Your honesty and openness are an inspiration

  6. Flavio Galtieri permalink

    Well, having only discovered this in May or whenever and I’ve read every post. I don’t comment on stuff I know nothing about like gardening, countryside, nature in general…also been ploughing through the archive. Some fascinating stuff there! Looking forward to your election coverage!

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