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Don’t get too excited

August 23, 2020

Okay, I don’t want anyone getting too excited, but… I’m going to try to get back to writing something every day. This is, however, a two-way street. Writers need readers, don’t you know? Some entries will be short (the 15 minute minimum rule), some will be my trademark rants, some will be longer – perhaps even two parters (it’s been known to happen).

I will require likes and (preferably) comments to sustain me. Without these, my poor little writer’s ego will wither away and my words dry up. So start today by telling me how much you positively long to hear from me every day (even the days like this when I have pretty much nothing of interest to say). If you do your job, dear reader, I will endeavour to do mine.

For today’s short entry, here’s another thing to add to the August list of things I did not know.

I did not know that butterfly bushes (or Buddleias if you want to get all technical) blossomed more than once. Imagine my surprise and delight when a second batch of flowers appeared. Apparently (I discover having done a bit of research) it could produce another batch of flowers in September.

Now let’s cross our fingers and hope this batch of flowers attracts some actual butterflies. I’ve only registered seeing two butterflies on my property this year – and neither of them were actually on the bush.

I was so worried about this lack of butterflies that I posted a query on the community bulletin board, asking if others had noticed a lack of butterflies this summer. Several people responded, most of whom claimed to be seeing masses of butterflies on their properties. My public response? “That’s good to hear. As long as they’re thriving somewhere, I’m glad.” My private, poor-little-me response? “Hey, butterflies! I bought this plant for you. What’s wrong with my Buddleia? Why don’t you like me?” Okay, it wasn’t quite that pathetic, but I was miffed.

I have a pretty small life here, so the little things that make me smile, make me happy are important. Stretching out in the garden swing with a book in June when the ceanothus is buzzing with bees. Hummingbirds at the feeder. Woodpeckers banging on a tree. As I said when I posted this photo last month…

“It seems to me that every now and then (but especially right now, in the middle of this frigging pandemic) you should pause for a moment to acknowledge things that make you happy. Obviously, flamingos make me happy. (Anyone who says they don’t like flamingos is either lying or subhuman.) But what makes me particularly happy is all the bees (sadly not visible in the photo) who are feasting on the various types of lavender planted out back.”

So where are all the butterflies who should be feeding on the bush I planted for them?

Where, for that matter, are the Steller’s jays, those bluebirds of happiness whose antics make my day? Haven’t seen one all summer. That said, I seem to recall they showed up pretty late last summer, so perhaps there’s still time for them to appear. I bloody hope so, because (if it isn’t already clear) I’m feeling extremely let down this summer.

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  1. krysross permalink

    I very much look forward to your posts. Harvested potatoes today. Got about 4 lbs.

  2. Rhododave permalink

    Look forward

  3. janeshead permalink

    I don’t often comment, but I do always read what you write…

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