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Good news, bad news

September 2, 2020

After encouraging myself to get my shit together yesterday, I popped into the home and garden shop. Turns out that they’ve changed their policy since I first started fantasising about this fridge a couple of years ago. They will now take your old fridge away for $10.

Then went to actually look at fridge again. Bonus. It’s on sale at the moment, reduced from $1260 to $1048 (plus tax, of course). As salesperson Ed went to find appliance specialist Shelly I suddenly remembered something. The door to my house isn’t that wide and when the existing fridge was delivered many years ago, the delivery guys had to take the door out of its frame to get the fridge into the kitchen. Hmm. This fridge is bigger than the old one. I ask Shelly to provide me with the dimensions, which she does. Come home and measure. Uh, oh.

Unless they can remove the fridge door and the freezer drawer, as well as my actual door, this fridge I so long for will not fit into my kitchen.

sad face

Put measuring tape away and head off to a rehearsal at Rhodo Dave’s place. An avid reader of my blog, he informs when I arrive that he and TJ have a solution to my fridge problem. They recently purchased a new fridge from Home Depot in town (which is a fair bit cheaper than the island store) and he got the salesman to knock the delivery charge down from $65 to $10 (plus they take away old fridge). As he and TJ are not averse to going to town (a good thing as otherwise I’d have no supplier for my favoured bread flour), he’d be willing, if I gave him the model number to go to Home Depot, put the fridge on his card and have it delivered to my address. A very kind offer. Only one snag, as I explain to them over dinner after the rehearsal. As I can’t increase the size of my door, I will not be acquiring this coveted fridge from any store unless they can deliver it in parts.


Come home after enjoying dinner and this tough view to check the Home Depot site. The store does not appear to have model I crave. The Amanas (and other bottom freezer fridges) they do have all seem to have single shelves, not split shelves in the refrigerating compartment. Again I ask, where is the box o’ plonk supposed to go? (Ed, at the island shop understood the importance of this question immediately.)

So I guess it’s a call to Home Depot (to ascertain if they do actually have the fridge I want even though it’s not on their website) and another visit to Shelly in the island shop to investigate door-less, drawer-less delivery feasibility.

Once again, watch this space.



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  1. janeshead permalink

    Ugh! I dread the day my fridge dies, as ex-husband, when he built my kitchen, built it around the non-standard-size fridge that fits only too neatly into its space. It will be a nightmare to try and find a fridge to fit there!

  2. Beautiful photo 🙂

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