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Chilling prospects

September 1, 2020

How the hell can it be September? I thought time was supposed to have slowed down during the pandemic. Not, apparently, in the summer months when tempus really does fucking fugit. (Not that you could call the last three months summer, what with Juneuary rolling through half of July and the appearance of Augtober for a week or so last month.)

Anyway. Fridges. Okay.

During the sixties, seventies and eighties, most kitchens in the UK and the rest of Europe had a fridge like this.

This could indeed be the fridge in my kitchen in Finchley Road (with less milk and more wine). Visitors from North America would laugh, but these fridges worked just fine. My cousin and his wife raised four kids with a fridge like this.

Meanwhile, in North America, after manufacturers decided to separate the freezing and refrigerating sections of the appliance, fridges all pretty much looked like this.

This isn’t actually the fridge in my kitchen, but it could be. Very much like the fridge I have now and fridges in past homes. It is a stupid design. The refrigerating section is bigger than it needs to be and the freezing section is too small to be truly useful.

When Europeans decided that, yes, a bigger fridge might be a nice thing, they looked at the North American design, shrugged their shoulders and said “Pah!” Why, they asked themselves, would you have the milk (and wine) and cheese in the bottom, along with the fruit and veg hidden in drawers where you could not see them? It was a stupid design, so they altered it, putting the milk and cheese and fruit and veg in the top section where you could see them, and increasing the size of the freezer compartment.

Europeans got the last laugh. Now when North Americans visited, they looked at the fridges and thought, “Wait a minute, that makes way more sense.” North American fridge manufacturers, on reflection, decided they agreed and the bottom freezer fridge was introduced to grateful homeowners on this continent.

Every time I go into the kitchen of someone (on either continent) who has a bottom freezer fridge, I am jealous.

Pretty much every time I go into the island home and garden store, I open the door of this Amana fridge and gaze longingly inside.

Okay, the one in the store is white, not chrome, and it doesn’t have any food in it. So, this is what I’m actually looking at.

I am convinced (and have been for some time) that owning this fridge would improve my life immeasurably. Well, improve my eating and food management. No more opening a drawer at the bottom of the fridge to find forgotten, mouldy fruit or veg, no more discovering the Tupperware container of leftovers that got pushed invisibly to the back of a shelf now contains penicillin. Options visible at a glance. Oh, and a freezer section big enough to do some proper stocking up.

This fridge costs $1200. Plus tax, of course. (Always plus bloody tax on this continent. Why the hell can’t the sticker tell you how much the bloody thing is actually going to set you back?)

As previously explained, I’ve recently come into a bit of a windfall. Yes, a stupidly large chunk is going to be spent on a new front tooth, but there will still be enough in the bank to allow me to actually buy this fridge. (And a replacement generator, so when the power inevitably goes out due to a windstorm or heavy snow, the stuff in the freezer actually stays frozen.)

Problem is, the local home and garden store, unlike the big appliance chains in town, will not take your existing fridge away when they deliver a new one. I really don’t need an old (albeit still functioning fine) fridge sitting outside my door. I suppose I could pay someone to take it to the local recycling depot, although I’m not sure they’re accepting appliances at the moment. And I can’t just order the fridge online from one of the appliance stores in town, because, as I’ve discovered, not all 18.5 cubic foot Amana bottom freezer fridges have the split shelving in the refrigerating section. Many have shelves that go all the way across. This is a deal breaker. I need to be able to have a shelf for my box o’ plonk. If I can’t order it online, I’d have to get the ferry over to town, which I really, really, really do not want to do.

Decisions, decisions.

Oh, come on, kiddo. You really want this fridge. Get your shit together and figure this out.

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  1. Catherine Stewart permalink

    Congrats on the $$, the fridge and (sigh) the tooth being dealt with. Whew – costly but an end to pain. You’re gonna love the fridge. Could the old one go downstairs? More freezer space for local berries, etc. And FYI, I look forward to every blog, every day. Keep writing- please!

  2. krysross permalink

    I agree the downstairs doesn’t need this fridge. Can you donate to Rolo or something? Any shelters on the island?

    Also, hate to break it to you but I still find rotten veg in my freezer-bottom fridge. And the veggie drawer actually freezes all my veg no matter what I do so I use it for meats, cheeses, eggs, etc.

    Interventions will still be necessary.

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