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May 1, 2020

Okay, it’s been a week. I no longer actively hate the Mac. I’m not saying I love it, but I don’t hate it. Leaving out yesterday’s SFSS lapse, which was entirely my fault (I will not play spider solitaire today), there are still a number of annoyances.

The computer itself is smaller than the Toshiba, which means the keyboard is smaller, which means I cannot, for the time being at least, attempt to touch type, as my fingers end up on the wrong keys. Hopefully this will correct itself over time.

The delete key is in the wrong place, so I have to look every time I want to use it, rather than hitting it instinctively. I suppose I’ll get used to this. However, whilst the fn key does allow me to delete forwards as well as backwards, I still miss the two key delete option on the PC.

I still can’t figure out why it will print something from TextEdit, but not from LibreOffice, which is a major annoyance. Maybe there is some way to make a TextEdit document look like its LibreOffice equivalent, but so far the editing/formatting is beyond me. Why I can’t pin LibreOffice to the toolbar (or whatever it’s called) at the bottom of the screen so I don’t have to go searching for it every time is also beyond me. (Ditto Firefox.)

Why, having gone through the process of installing my Clickfree backup drive, won’t the bloody Mac let me open it and copy all the files from the Toshiba on to the Mac? Also, infuriatingly, beyond me. Am I seriously going to have to spend three (or ten) days transferring files with memory sticks? Gah.

And then there is the Mac’s refusal to recognise and download photos from my Nikon camera. Do I really have to buy a used iPhone in order to download photos? For fuck’s sake.

Hmm. Now that I’ve lodged all these complaints, I see the jury is still very much out on the Mac. I think perhaps I do still hate it. Unfortunately I seem to be stuck with it. And the otherwise useless (did I mention living in a mobile dead zone?) used iPhone it seems I may have to purchase.

Suspect that, if it weren’t for the pandemic, I could demand one of my Mac-loving island mates (those people who assured me I would love my new computer) could be peremptorily summoned to my place to quickly resolve most if not all of these problems, but there is a fucking pandemic, so no chance of getting one of them over here. Which leaves me on my own, still kinda wishing I’d gone for a Lenovo or Acer last year. Intuitive, my ass.

Oh, well. At least it’s Friday, so I get to sneak out for another walk with Joe and Lexi.

The saga, it seems, continues.


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