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Feeling proud

May 2, 2020

I have dual nationality: British and Canadian. On most days if you asked me I’d say I feel more British. In recent weeks (months) I have to say I am exceedingly grateful to be Canadian, able to live in a far saner and safer country than the extraordinarily disunited kingdom.

As previously stated, I don’t have a huge amount of time for Justin Trudeau (especially after he bought a frigging pipeline). Yes, of course I was pleased when he won a second term as prime minister last year, because the alternative was so much worse.

If there is one thing I will say for Justin Trudeau, it’s this: unlike Bojo the Clown and the Tangerine Wankmaggot, he does not surround himself with ass licking idiots.

Which is, I’m sure, why the Canadian response to the current pandemic has been so much better than the head-in-the-sand approach of the UK and US governments. Not as swift and sure handed as New Zealand’s, but not bad.

Trudeau doesn’t want or need his signature to be on every cheque, so financial assistance to Canadians impacted by the lockdown has been fairly swiftly distributed. (Early in April $400 I hadn’t even asked for was deposited into my bank account!)

He and his new sober beard reflect a calm determination during daily press briefings, unlike the Wankmaggot’s unhinged performances

Maybe not full marks (those go to Jacinda Ardern), but pretty good.

And then yesterday he announced a ban on assault weapons in Canada.

Of course Trudeau’s been talking about this for at least five years. He could have done it sooner – say the end of February 2017, a month after the Quebec mosque shooting (once again, see Jacinda Ardern). Still, he’s done it now.

Of course the legislation is flawed, containing as it does a “grandfather” loophole. Let’s hope it gets closed.

Of course the Conservatives are screaming about it. Fuck them. (Yes, I’m looking at you, Peter McKay.)

Of course the gun nuts are up in arms. They need their assault weapons. Blasting these guns is the only way they can get a hard on. Fuck them, too.

It’s not often I find myself saying this, but I agree with Justin: “There is no use and no place for such weapons in Canada.”

And so I also say this (for keeping calm and carrying on during the pandemic and for the assault weapons ban), well done, that man.

I’m feeling quite proud to be Canadian.

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  1. Same. My other nationality is technically British as well until Scotland gets its independence, but I have to say, if my other nationality could actually be Scottish, I’d be pretty chuffed to have Nicola Sturgeon for leader. Still not Jacinda Ardern, but pretty good.

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