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House of cards

April 30, 2020

You’re lucky there’s any post today. Why? Because it’s 4:45pm and I’ve only just got myself dressed and had something to eat. Why? Because I’ve just spent five hours playing stupid fucking spider solitaire. Why? Don’t ask me. Because it’s there. Because it’s so much faster (and thus less frustrating) to play on the Mac, rather the slower than molasses Toshiba. Because I’m a fucking idiot. That’s why.

Holy crap.

I got up this morning with things to do today. A load of laundry, restacking what’s left of the firewood in the shed, reorganising some of the bookshelves. You know, stuff.

A quick email check reminded me of a board job I needed to do. Okay, do that first. Done. Now what? Oh, I know. I’ll have a game of spider solitaire. Just one. You know, before breakfast and getting on with the rest of the day. Like I didn’t have any idea what might happen.

Do I blame the Mac for offering so much speed? No, I do not. There are multiple grumbles I could make about the Mac, but this is not one of them. This was entirely my fault.

I am a complete twat.

Don’t believe me? You should. Halfway through writing this I stopped to have four more games. God almighty.

Okay, no spider hole tomorrow.

spider house


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