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Long time no write

February 14, 2019

Yes, it’s been a long time, hasn’t it?

A long time since I wrote anything. A long time since I went for a walk. A long time since I cooked myself a nice dinner and ate it at the diningroom table. Long time since I went to the French conversation group. Long time since I got up while it was still morning. Long time since I did any meaningful housework. (Although I did clean the bathroom the other day. Or was it the other week?)

So, what’s been going on? Well, it snowed.

gabriola snow

And snowed and snowed. Yes, I know this is not uncommon in Canada in the winter, but not on the west coast. The climate zone in which I live is the temperate rainforest. Emphasis on temperate. Not that we haven’t had major dumps of snow in past the past decade. (I lost a beloved car in a mega blizzard a few years ago.) Climate change, y’all. But this one waited until February, luring us into a false sense of smugness. Serves us right, I guess. But does there really have to be another dump forecast for tonight? Apparently, the answer is yes. Sigh. Hope the rhododendrons survive.

I’m doing my best to help the birds. (See woodpecker in the photo, chowing down on suet in the feeder hung in the housing for my non-working generator. I’ve also made sure there is fresh nectar in the hummingbird feeder.)

To be honest, that’s about all I’ve done lately.

Here’s how my days have been going. Wake up some time after noon. Feed Stella. Start fire in the woodstove. Make cappuccino. Vow that today I will hoover/file/dust/wash the kitchen floor/et cetera. Sit down on sofa or get back under the duvet. Turn tablet on to check email and Facebook, and do my French lesson on Duolingo. Swear I will only have one game of spider solitaire. Play spider solitaire for three/four/five hours. Wonder why it’s so cold in the house. Realise fire has gone out. Start fire again. Realise I haven’t eaten all day. Have a bowl of granola or a piece of toast. Go back to spider solitaire. Realise it will be dark soon. Go to the woodshed to bring up wood. Make a cup of tea. Go back to spider solitaire. Realise it’s 8pm. Make myself something to eat. On a good night this is pasta and pesto or a tortilla wrap. On a bad night it’s a bowl of popcorn. Watch television until at least one in the morning. Go to bed. Read for at least two hours. (I could, of course, have been reading on the sofa in the evening, instead of watching television, but that never seems to happen.) Go to sleep. Repeat.

Stupid or what? Definitely stupid.

Pause while I look out the window and see that it’s started snowing again. Tiny little flakes at the moment, but that can and no doubt will quickly change. Fuck.

Anyway, anyway.

Today I am attempting to break that pattern. Today I am baking bread. Today I am writing.

Is this a turning point or a blip? I’ll let you know tomorrow. Or not.

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  1. Irmani Smallwood permalink

    I miss you and miss your writing a lot. Loved hearing from you today. Feeling closer to thinking about planning for May adventures? Say if not – lots of love. xxx


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