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Happy Canada Day

July 1, 2018

I’ve just posted my annual Canada Day image on Facebook.

canada day

Whatever other plans I may have had for the day (fortunately there were none) have gone out the window, thanks to a call from an old Greenpeace mate, Simon.

He was ringing to ask if, instead of coming to Gabriola tomorrow to stay with friends (as he’d already told me he was planning to do), he and his teenage daughter could come today and stay with me tonight. “Sure,” I said, mentally thinking fuck, fuck, fuck.

It’s not that I’m not keen to see Simon. I am. I haven’t seen him since I left London to come back to Gabriola a decade ago. I am very much looking forward to seeing him and meeting his daughter.

But it does mean all the housework I should have done the other day absolutely must be done today. And the guest suite needs to be sorted. And, even if I don’t get around to actually washing the car, I really need to clear all the junk out of the back. So I’m going to jump in the shower now and then it’s time for the bucket and mop (and the hoover and the duster and the toilet brush and…).

Happy Canada Day, all.

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