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Bad dreams and fruity news

June 30, 2018

Woke up with a great sense of relief this morning. I’d been having a dream about appearing in a play. I was just about to make my entrance at the dress rehearsal when I realised I didn’t know a single of my lines. I quickly grabbed my script to have a look and gasped in horror. Not only did I not know any of my lines (including a two and a half page monologue), but I genuinely couldn’t remember ever seeing them before. How was this possible? How could it have happened? The panic was excruciating. And then I woke up. Exquisite relief. There was a reason I’d felt as if I’d never seen the lines before – because I hadn’t! It was a bad dream. Phew.

How pleasant after all that panic to stroll down to the garden to harvest some berries.

06-30 berries

Strawberries, raspberries and black currants.

And have them with Heather’s granola and yoghurt for breakfast.

Other garden news…

06-30 apples

There are dozens of apples growing on the dwarf tree. How is this possible? Doesn’t the tree know how skinny its branches are? They will never be able to bear the weight if all these apple grow to full size. I guess I’ll have to figure out how to brace it. I’ve never seen so many apples on this tree. Lots of blossom some years, yes, but seldom more than half a dozen apples. It’s almost as if the tree has decided, now that it no longer feels it has to compete with the dead pear tree that it is going to show me what it can really do. Astonishing.

06-30 courgettes

Mixed results at the squash end of the bed. There already lots of green courgettes (which are indeed a type of squash and also technically a fruit) growing and lots more flowers on the plant. Not so the yellow courgette above it, which has yet to produce a flower. This is interesting, because last year I also planted one of each, got a bumper crop of yellow courgettes and zero green ones. Do they take turns? Do they flip a coin? All very mysterious.

There haven’t been any flowers yet on the squash planted at the top of the row. This was an impulse purchase – a plant which (so the sticker said) would produce a variety of pretty colours of acorn squash. Like this…

multicolour squash

Not entirely sure these actually are acorn squash, but they’re the promised colours.

Of course, now that I’ve bothered to check, it turns out this is a winter squash, so perhaps the lack of flowers shouldn’t be a worry just yet. Fingers crossed.

Time for a cuppa.

One Comment
  1. Variety of colors? You would need a variety of plants for that, but okay. They are cool because they can be mostly ignored while the rest of the garden in busy in production, and then when they die back in the first frost, they reveal the winter squash that they had been working on in secret.

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