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Bad Girls to the rescue

June 29, 2018

Wake up this morning to what I believe is the sound of rain falling on the skylights. Before I’ve had a proper look, Roxie climbs onto the bed, dripping wet from her puddle hunt, loudly demanding her breakfast. So, yes, it is raining and, no, the planned day in the garden will not be happening.

Never mind. There is so much long-put-off housework. Bookcases and table tops with the incriminating word DUST printed in the dust (by me). I cannot remember the last time I got the hoover out of the closet. If the carpet wasn’t predominately grey to begin with it would certainly be grey now. There are items in the back of the fridge which I think might actually be alive.

Yes, a day of housework is definitely in order.

Oh, but it’s so much less interesting than the garden, isn’t it? One you can’t wait to do, the other makes you want to just curl up in a comfy chair with a good book.

Wait a minute! I haven’t finished the book I’m reading for my book club and it is meeting tomorrow.

bad girls book club

Thank you, Bad Girls Book Club, for saving me from the toilet brush.

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