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Yes, yes, I know

March 29, 2018

I know I said I would write a daily entry of some sort every day until my departure to London. And I know I haven’t written anything for the past couple of days.

Let me tell you about the past couple of days.

Monday night/Tuesday morning I read in bed until 2am. I then set my alarm for 11am, knowing that I currently need at least nine hours of sleep. I was having an awful dream that I’d slept until 4:30pm when the alarm woke me up. Phew. Turned the alarm off, fully intending to get up straight away, but somehow moments later I was asleep again. I did not reopen my eyes until 3:15pm. Okay, not as bad as my dream, but sheesh. Not a lot of time to get anything done on Tuesday, but I did manage to ring the medical centre to find out what happened with my blood/urine tests. The results were back. Although my doctor is away this week, I could make an appointment for the next morning with his locum. Couldn’t he just tell me the results over the phone? No.

So yesterday morning I got up after my alarm went off. Saw the locum. Good news/bad news. My blood and urine tests were all just tickety-boo. That’s the good news. The bad news is no iron pills or other meds will help me need less sleep. Grr.

Then I had to go to the recycling centre. Then I had to do some shopping. Then I needed to fill the car, which was running on almost empty. $53! What? Yes, petrol is currently $1.48 per litre. (And, yes, I know that sound cheap to UK mates, but…) Then I had my weekly pool game with Pat. An hour after I got back from that I needed to leave again for dinner with friends at the pub. And in between all this, there was some housework that needed doing, so no time yesterday for an entry.

In half an hour I need to be at my French conversation group. I’ve only had nine hours of sleep, so it will be interesting to see if I understand anything (my ridiculous 66% fluency rating on Duolingo notwithstanding).

So that’s it for today.



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