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March 26, 2018

Okay, I know I’m supposed to be writing for at least fifteen minutes a day, but this is an oddly busy day, So, I’m copying and reposting an entry from last year, in the hope that it will encourage people to buy an electronic copy of my plays.

Shop away.

May 20, 2017:

Back in March, Bill Pope, one of the island’s very talented photographers, came to take pictures of the dress rehearsal for the one-act play festival. Predictably, when he sent me the link I hated almost every photo of me. But there was one photo, a black and white one of Charlie and me taken near the end of the play that made me say, “Wow! That photo absolutely encapsulates the play.” Director Dave Innell said the same thing. I told him that, if anyone ever decided to publish my plays, I wanted that photo on the cover.

Oh, ha, ha. As if anyone was ever going to want to publish my plays. They’ve only ever been performed on the island. How would anyone even hear of them?

And then last month I had a thought. I’d been trying to come up with a suitable thank you present for Dave and Charlie, something to convey my appreciation for everything they did to turn An Unhelpful Complication into such a wonderful success.

What could be better than using a self-publishing site to turn the script into a book? Of course, it turned out that you can’t turn a twenty-five page script into a book. More pages were required. Aha! I thought, I’ve written more than one play. The “book” could also include the script for That’s Nice which would also make it a lovely thank you present for my friend Donna, who inspired the writing of that play.

Seriously, if you saw the play, you’d know how perfect this photo is.

So, I went on the site, formatted the scripts, designed the cover (a somewhat protracted exercise, but better than paying the site to do it for me) and ordered four copies of Two One-Act Plays by Anne M. Holmes. One each for Donna, Dave, Charlie and me. They all loved it, I’m pleased to say.

Book cover

And that was all that I planned to do with it. Who else would possibly interested?

It has since occurred to me that perhaps someone else might be. Who the hell knows?

Part of the process of creating the book was setting a price. No idea how I came up with $11.95 for the print edition. Possibly the fact that I’d make five bucks if anyone ever bought one. I’ve gone back to the site and set a 40% discount, bringing the price down to $7.17. I will now make eighty cents. Woo hoo! (On the other hand, if  you happen to have an e-reader, I will make a whopping $4.14 per sale on the electronic edition. So tell all your friends.)

If you’re interested, click here.


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