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More bedecking

May 13, 2023

A lovely afternoon making the deck more lovely. 

The potted plants were already sorted, but the window boxes with their dead geraniums were still looking pretty sad. (Why did I opt for geraniums last summer? Oh, right, they were on sale.) And it’s definitely time to replace the dead fuchsias in the hanging baskets.

Forgot to take before pictures, so you’ll have to take my word about how sad they were looking.

Trip to garden shop to pick up some fuchsias and petunias and other things. Annoyingly there was no lobelia, but they’re supposed to be getting more in. (Butterflies love lobelia – particularly the blue.)

This might not look like much yet, but these…

… will look great when the lobelia has been added and the petunias are in full flower.

Oh, and what else do I spot in the garden shop? Basil! Yes, it is now warm enough to plant them outside.

I’m pretty sure I must have mentioned this before, but basil is for some reason slug bait. The buggers love it and can consume an entire plant overnight. But several years ago I had a genius idea. Do not plant basil in pots on the ground. Instead, plant it in hanging baskets with wire slugs cannot navigate. And, if you’ve a mind to – or just think it’s funny – you can always add some religious figures for extra protection.

Speaking of herbs… It’s also time to remove the fir cones and needles and all the little maple trees from the other pots.

Doesn’t take long.

I’d like to get back down to the garden today to deal with the rest of the raised bed, but I’ve promised to write a scene for someone and told her she’d have it tomorrow. Better get to it.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a garden day.

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  1. Donna permalink

    Looking lovely, indeed.

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