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Uneasy rider

May 3, 2023

All things considered, a pretty good day yesterday.

Of course Tuesdays and Fridays are always a plus, because those are my walk days with Georgie and Joe. 

When Georgie first came into Joe’s life, she was not happy about posing for photos. Mainly, I think, because any pause was a time when the ball wasn’t in play. Somehow since then she’s figured out that humans like adorable dogs sitting still for a minute and she has become quite the poser – deliberately choosing to sit on boulders that make taking yet another Georgie pic irresistible.

And just how many pics like this do I have on my phone? Nowhere near as many as Joe has on his.

Yesterday was a walk that takes you past a large pond. As we approached there was a loud squabbling noise which we correctly surmised involved Canada geese. Occurred to us the collective noun really should be squabble, not gaggle.

Spot the geese.

The walk turned out not to be my only sighting of Joe and Georgie yesterday.

Last week I asked Joe if he still had his scooter. I was kinda angling for a bike ride around the island. It seems, yes, he still had it, but it hadn’t been insured for a couple of years and had been off the road. Turned out I’d given him an idea.

Early evening, as I was about to make something to eat before heading off to the first “official”, onsite rehearsal for Ruby Red Lipstick, I heard Joe calling out a hello. Went outside to see him wearing his helmet, which obviously meant the scooter was back on the road. Went down the side of the house with him to have a look and got a surprise.

Sitting on a dairy crate attached to the back of the scooter was Georgie. Wish I’d thought to grab my phone and get a pic of them with the bike, because the sight absolutely made my day. Unfortunately I didn’t. Fortunately Joe had taken some photos before they set off.

She’s not looking at all sure about being roped into a crate at the beginning, but once she realised she really couldn’t escape, she settled in.

All things considered, she took the fairly short spin from Joe’s place to mine and back again pretty well.

Now, as Joe said in a text he sent this morning (with accompanying pic), he just needs to get her some “doggles”.

What about that first official rehearsal, you ask? Well, let’s save that for another day.

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