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A bit surreal

April 2, 2023

Arrive for week five of watercolours to be handed an apple and asked to pencil in a rough drawing of same on blank paper. We were given the choice of drawing one or two apples. Being a chicken I went for one.

Next step, wet paper and (avoiding the inside of the apple outline) add swirls and splotches. Then a surprise ingredient: liberally sprinkle salt on still-wet paper.

Look what happens!

When paper is completely dry, scrape off salt, then wet the area inside the outline and fill in apple.

Then add a series of shapes in two different colours with wet brush. The instructor did leaf shapes. I opted for swirls, which were much larger and I freely admit less effective. Oh, well.

Then, with a drier brush and a stronger pigment, add another series of shapes. The idea was to end up with something that looked a bit like stained glass. Mine definitely did not. 

When, as instructed, I stood back from the painting, I realised my “shapes” looked like shark fins, so I immediately dubbed it “Jaws in the Orchard”. 

Final step, decide if apple needs more work. The answer is yes.

Oh, look! Now there is definitely something Daliesque about the whole thing.

Back home I pulled out the first efforts from years ago to compare and contrast. The closest thing I can find is this.

Odd. The older version definitely looks more like a red pepper than an apple. And there appear to be steps missing. Oh, wait. The instructor did say at the beginning of yesterday’s class that she used to offer various fruit and veg options, not just apples. So that explains the red pepper. Perhaps all those years ago I had to leave before the class was over? 

Well, I have to say I am quite pleased with my surreal apple. Not sure about the rest.

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