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Don’t pee your pants

March 31, 2023

So, the Wankmaggot has now been indicted (or “indicated” as the illiterate asshole said in his social media post) in New York for what amounts to false accounting in the matter of paying off a porn star. Everyone knew it was coming. 

Nonetheless, in his monologue last night, Stephen Colbert (and I’m sure the other late night hosts) could barely contain his glee. 

It’s a shit show. MAGA heads are exploding with outrage. And on the other side, images like this quickly started to do the rounds.

Hold your horses, folks, was the reaction from Rachel Maddow. 

Yes, that’s correct. A photo of the Wankmaggot in handcuffs might enrage the hard right and delight the left, but this show will run and run and could actually end in an acquittal. Remember how excited everyone was about the Mueller report? And what a let down that was?

Some pundits have suggested this particular charge should not have been laid, that getting this weasel into court should have been left to the (hopefully) impending vote rigging charges in Georgia. (Assuming the district attorney in charge isn’t sacked as the Georgia legislature is taking steps to do.) 

And they’re probably right. With so many possible and very serious crimes which could be laid against him, this one seems designed to turn into a really bad circus. 

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  1. Sadly I’m in agreement with you on 45. What sorry times we live in. But, what the hell do I know, having just moved from the somewhat blue state of Georgia to Berlin of 1937, aka, Florida.

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