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Serious danger

March 11, 2023

I am suddenly in serious danger of having a life.

A walk with Joe and Georgie yesterday afternoon.

Still some snow on the ground, but not much

Proof that it’s not all natural beauty and whimsy in the woods. A throwback to the days when this particular area was used as a dumping ground.

Over to Joe’s in the evening for dinner and a movie (the delightfully strange Everything, Everywhere, All at Once).

Second watercolour class today, then this evening it’s dinner and a different film (the new Luther – phwoar!) at another friend’s place. 

Play prompting tomorrow afternoon.

Cinnamon buns and running lines with Ray Monday afternoon.

Walk with Joe and Georgie Tuesday afternoon. Prompting in the evening.

Coaching session with Ben Wednesday afternoon.

And then on Thursday…

Saw this posted and thought why not? Sounds like it could be fun. One problem: Note the time. I’m usually reading in bed (or bingeing something on the telly) until three in the morning. I’m seldom up before 11am. (If he hasn’t heard from me by 11:15 on the days of our walks, Joe texts to see if I’m up. If there isn’t a fairly quick reply, he follows up with a phone call to get me out of bed.) So, a 10:30am start, eh? That’s going to require some adjustment, which I need to start working on now. (Oops, failed to do so last night. Maybe earlier to bed tonight?)

After lunching with the ladies, I’ll be meeting up with Ray again to run lines. He is playing one of two characters in a full-length play. Learning half a bloody play is no mean feat. Did it myself a decade ago and I still don’t know how the hell I managed it.

So, happy to help Ray – as I did Joe last summer when he was in a similar position. Just wish I’d had someone to run lines with when I needed them.

And then in the evening I’m back to prompting.

Which brings us back to Friday. Walk with Joe and Georgie in the afternoon, then a games night at a friend’s place.

I don’t know if Ray will want to run lines every Monday and Thursday for the rest of the month, but even if he doesn’t, that still leaves me with actual things to do outside the house six days a week. Holy moly.

And then it will be April. Time to get out into the garden and to start proper rehearsals with Ben.

As if all this wasn’t enough, tonight the clocks will change and tomorrow it will be light until 7pm!

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