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First strokes

March 5, 2023

Off to the postponed first watercolour class yesterday. I was one of ten students – the only person in the room (and by no means the oldest) wearing a mask. Sigh.

As previously mentioned, I did this class before some years ago, so I knew what the first painting would look like.

This time, however, I had a camera with me.

First step: Thoroughly wet paper, then, closing your eyes as you do so, add three random brush strokes each of yellow, red and blue. Use blow dryer to dry paper.

Second step: Decide which half you want to be the sky, then wet a strip and add mountains. Dry paper.

Third step: Add a misty island in the distance. (Forgot to take a pic of that.)

Fourth step: Add an island closer to the shore complete with a few trees.

Fifth step: The shoreline. 

Remove tape and realise there’s some sort of water stain on the bottom right. Decide not to care.

Come home and look at first version of the same painting from years ago.

Realise I’ve reversed the positions of the islands this time. Interesting.

If the trees from the original look better (do they?), that’s because the instructor improved on my feeble efforts. The ones from yesterday are all mine, which makes for a more satisfying painting.

The last two times I took a watercolour course, friends raved (I blushed) and said I should keep up with painting. I didn’t. Maybe this time? Maybe.

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  1. Mariam Zama permalink

    So lovely! You’ve inspired me to sign up for something artistic. I’m eyeing the pottery studio just down the street. Although the great thing about painting is that you end up with nice slim sheets of paper, as opposed to lumpy pots….

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