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Thank heavens for besties

March 3, 2023

A sunny day for a ferry ride to town.

Photo taken last summer. Even with the sun, too cold yesterday to go out on the upper deck.

If you have to go (which I did in order to buy supplies for the watercolour course), the best way to do it is with a bestie. 

Persuaded (didn’t take much) Donna to accompany me so we could have a nice lunch and a proper catch up. Lovely lunch, lovely chat, general agreement we should do this more often.

It was a bit overwhelming walking into the art supply shop.

Fortunately the staff knew exactly what I needed. Good thing I mentioned the supplies were for a watercolour I was taking on the island, because, not only had the instructor provided them with a full list of what her students might want, the store had agreed to a 10% discount for any of us who turned up. 

Quick stop in the mall before boarding the ferry home. Donna wanted to pop into the grocery store to pick up some of the things she and her husband like which have disappeared from the shelves of the island grocery store. I probably should have done the same.

Instead I headed for the store where, nearly fifteen years ago, I bought a DVD player that would play both North American and European discs. Said DVD player is now dead, leaving me with dozens of DVDs (including all four seasons of The Wire) which I cannot play. What was I thinking? It’s all streaming and smart tellies now. Barely a DVD player to be seen and certainly not one that will play my UK discs. (Apparently, although the shop does not have them, there are some DVD players out there that double up as karaoke machines that will play European films. Sigh.)

Home to finish yesterday’s note about my coaching session with Ben. Not long after I’d posted it, Donna got in touch to point out that directors do a lot more than what Ben and I are doing with said coach. Of course I should give myself a credit as the director. So I have. Thank heavens for besties.

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  1. Donna permalink

    Thank heavens for besties, indeed…and I do!

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