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Well, that was fun

January 7, 2023

It can’t be denied. Watching the shit show in Washington this week was fun.

Stephen Colbert couldn’t wipe the grin off his face. Neither could I.

After this declaration in 2021…

… it was hard not to see the humiliation of this ass licker as anything but hubris at its finest.

This could have been sorted in round two if six Republicans had voted for Jeffries, the minority leader who garnered significantly more votes in the first eleven rounds, but that, of course, was never going to happen. (And if it had, we would not have seen Matt Gaetz nearly getting punched in the face.)

Instead the handful of nut job hold outs forced McCarthy into more and more concessions until his “victory” became pyrrhic and his long sought job untenable.

Oh, and Nancy Pelosi had stepped down, so McCarthy had to accept the gavel from her successor Jeffries, after this searing speech. (He doesn’t really let rip until 13:30, so do fast forward.)

Shame the speaker election didn’t keep going. It’s not as if this was actually delaying any important legislation, because the narrowly-controlled Republican House has no legislative agenda. The only plans they announced before last year’s midterms were for a prolonged grudge tour – various committees formed to investigate Hunter Biden, the FBI and the now shut down January 6 committee. 

And that’s exactly what McCarthy promised when he finally got the gavel in his hand. 

So, enjoy your “victory”, Kevin. And enjoy your long sought job – for however long it lasts. Have no doubt, however, that Lauren Boebert will be coming for whatever’s left of you ball sac. 

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