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Pudding, anyone?

October 22, 2022

I honestly didn’t think anything could make me laugh as much as the sign at a protest in Scotland against a visit by the former US President which referred to him as a Tangerine Wankmaggot. I immediately adopted this and never afterwards referred to him in any other way.

Then yesterday I stumbled across this on Twitter.

To which some wag replied with this.

Honking Pudding. Excellent. (Although, really, no laughing matter.)

To avoid the free for all of the last Tory leadership race, the rules have been changed. Now 100 Tory MPs must nominate a candidate in order for a maximum of three names to get through. On Monday this will probably be reduced to the highest scoring two. If only one candidate gets more than 100 nominations, he or (highly unlikely) she will be crowned. If not, the names will be put to Conservative party members (the people who gave the country Wet Lizzie last time) who will then vote, with the winner announced on Friday.

As of this morning this is where things stand.

I don’t know enough about Penny Mordaunt, described by her supporters as the “unifying candidate”, to comment one way or the other. As she’s unlikely to win I can’t be bothered to find out anything beyond my certainty that no one can “unify” the basket case that the Tory party has become.

Odds would seem to favour multimillionaire Rishi Sunak – the Pudding’s former chancellor and husband of a tax-dodging billionaire – to be the UK’s third prime minister in three months.  

That assumes no more than the current 50 completely brain dead Tory MPs back the Pudding. If he manages to double this by Monday the decision will be out of Westminster’s hands and into the hands of the crackpot membership. 

In which case all bets are off. These are the people who led the charge on Brexit. If there is one thing about which I can generalise it is this: They will not want a “brown” prime minister. Plus the overwhelming majority are all Pudding mad. 

None of which should imply I think Sunak would do a better job than Wet Lizzie or the Honking Pudding. I think Sunak would be an unmitigated disaster, but quite honestly I don’t know if there is a single Tory MP who wouldn’t be. 

The “thinking” (such as it is) of many seems to be that putting the Pudding back in Number 10 would give the Tories some spurious claim to having a mandate. He did, after all, actually win a huge majority in December 2019. They seem to think this sad fact gives them cover for ignoring the demands for a general election and clinging to power for another two years.

No matter who the “winner” is next week, the losers will continue to be the people. They can’t afford another two years of this farce.

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