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Flummoxed to gobsmacked

October 14, 2022

Like pretty much everyone I know, I start my day with a coffee and Wordle.

I honestly thought I was losing my mind with Wednesday’s.

I figure CANOE is a good starting word as it has three vowels in it.

Oh, and look what it got me – three letters, one in the right place. Only one vowel, though, so let’s try something that fits with a different vowel. Oh, so close! Well, if it’s not TONIC, it must be SONIC. What?!?! Hmm. Start going through consonants in my head. Okay, conical is a word, so perhaps CONIC is, too. No? Grr. Go through every other consonant. Nope. There is no other possible word. What the fuck? Decide to phone a friend. Donna’s already posted her successful score. Let’s try her. I don’t necessarily want the answer. I just want to know if there is actually one other ONIC word. Donna’s not home, so I explain my predicament to her husband (who doesn’t do Wordle). He doesn’t say yes, he can think of another word. He just says the word: IONIC. Isn’t that a proper name, I ask. No, he assures me. I type it in. Well, fuck me, he’s right. I can’t lay claim to success when I post the score on the island Wordle Facebook group page. I confess I had help. 

I have, on several occasions, run out of lines in Wordle. There are simply too many possibilities and too few lines. It happens. I have never before been left without a single guess. The truly ridiculous thing is that after SONIC the first would that popped into my mind was ICONIC, which I had to reject because it had six letters. That’s what lead me to CONIC. Not once as I made my way mentally through the alphabet did it occur to me to stick a vowel in at the beginning. So bloody close. Oh, well.

But, fuck me, Wordle does give as well as take. 

First word I used yesterday was POISE. You know, same deal, three vowels, only one of which (in the wrong place) was in the answer. Okay, could I think of a word that included the correct vowel and also used the other two? Yes, I could. Throwaway guess, as one of the consonants is hardly ever used, just to see which vowel was missing from the answer.

As I said when I posted this on Facebook: Holy fucking moly.

Now I just wish I could figure out how to get a screen grab with Safari which would have saved me having to take pictures.

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