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Away we go

August 2, 2022

Well, this is it. Finally setting off on the trip I’d originally planned for July 2020. As of check-in online time last night there was still no one in the seat beside me. Hope it stays that way.

Night before flight dinner with Liam (son of William) McIlvanney. Just started it, but so far so good. Ordered because both Ann Cleeves and Val McDermid bigged it up on Twitter. Picked from the bedside pile because it’s a paperback, so good for travel. (Do also have some e-books on tablet for trains.)

Lucky news for me today. My friend Catherine is in Vancouver and is going to meet me for a bite to eat after the floatplane from the island to YVR. Aside from how wonderful it will be just to see her, this means I won’t have nearly four hours to kill at the airport. 

Thank god it’s cooled down a bit today so dressing for travel will be easier. I can just wear the light jacket and leggings (with dress) I figured I’d need for the plane. This time tomorrow I’ll be crossing London to get to Deptford. First time on the tube in four years. First time on the tube during a pandemic. Will anyone other than me be wearing a mask? Yikes.

New Yorker cartoon from July 2020. Fauci’s still on my shoulder.

Arrive at Rowan and Matt’s tomorrow. Meet up with Irmani on Thursday. Drinks with folks I haven’t seen in decades on Friday. Galleries with Becky on Saturday. Sunday lunch at Irmani’s. An afternoon at the races with Ben and Tony on Monday, then dinner and the theatre with Becky. Highgate cemetery with goth mates (of course) to say hi to Karl Marx, then on to drinks with mates from my days working in the homelessness sector. Away day with Tony on Wednesday to a stately pile. Drinks with mates from Free Tibet on Thursday. What I do believe is a completely free day on the Friday, then off on the train the next day to spend birthday weekend with my cousin Peter, before heading to Wales on the Monday, where I will either stay for two days or four. (If the latter, I’ve worked out that, despite tube strike, I can actually get from Euston back to Deptford via bus and train.) Possible drinks on the Saturday with old Greenpeace mates at my old Mile End local. Actual free last day in London on the Sunday, then train to Warwickshire Monday to see cousin Michael and go to Stratford for dinner and Shakespeare. Train from Warwickshire to Marylebone Tuesday and from Marylebone to Heathrow.

All of which is by way of saying, I’m pretty sure there will be no blog updates while I’m away.

Sounds exhausting, but will be fun. As long as I don’t catch Covid on the plane. Rowan and Matt do have a nice spare room, but I don’t fancy ten days of cancelled plans in isolation.


Wish me luck.

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  1. Mariam permalink

    Holy cow, that’s an extensive itinerary! Sounds like you’re going to have a blast! Have a wonderful time
    Xx Mariam

  2. Dave Innell permalink

    Sounds very busy! As I said before have a great trip


  3. Donna permalink

    Busy but bound to be so much fun! Have the best time!

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