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Two more sleeps

July 31, 2022

Two more sleeps in my bed, then probably no sleep on a plane, then I’ll be in London.

One problem solved.

Did a practice pack yesterday and I can pack for three weeks with hand luggage – if I wear my trainers for the journey. So the baggage handlers at Heathrow can have fun with someone else’s luggage.

Two choices.

Do I take the small, lightweight Samsung tablet for things like email and Facebook while I’m away (because I prefer something bigger than a phone for these things) or do I take the larger, heavier Microsoft tablet/mini laptop, which does actually have a proper keyboard for writing? I suppose the real question is: Will I actually do any writing while I’m there or is the latter just a waste of space and weight? I suspect I will want to do some writing, but will I? If I don’t, I’ll be kicking myself. Still can’t decide.

Another problem. Realised I only have two sets of bedding with fitted sheets that fit the deep mattress on the bed: one for summer, one for winter. What to do for lovely Lu, the house sitter? Do I get up Tuesday morning, wash and dry the summer bedding and remake the bed. But then what do I do when I get back very, very late on the 23rd

Another problem solved.

Thanks to the Bad Girls I have the loan of a spare set of sheets.

Can’t say I’m looking forward to the dream I know I’m going to have Monday night. The recurring one I have before every trip. The one in which everything that could possibly conspire against me catching the flight happens. And I wake up in a sweat. 

Actually that will be easier to deal with than the one I had last night in which I managed, by coming into contact with someone’s blood thinners (don’t ask, haven’t a clue) to contract monkey pox. First lesion appeared on my right thumb. “Oh, thank god,” I said when I woke up this morning, safe and lesion-free in my bed. This is one dream I very definitely do not want to come true.

As of five minutes ago there was still no one sitting in the seat beside me on the flight to London. That would make me feel more comfortable whilst eating meals, but could, of course, change. 

An email message this morning from BA. Would I like to upgrade to business class? I had a similar offer from KLM before the trip before last and I’m jumped on it. The upgrade was only $200. BA wants $825. That’s a lot of pints of ale and a lot of meals out (not to mention a lot of firewood in the shed when I get back), so, much as I’d like to have a bed on the flight over, thanks, but no thanks.

Two more sleeps.

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