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Blooming good news

July 27, 2022

Not much for the constantly frustrated gardener to report. Knowing I would be away for three weeks in August and would have no one to water the garden, I didn’t plant anything other than four cherry tomato plants, in the hope they might bear fruit before I leave. (Fat chance with the cold June we had.)

Since then I’ve found a house sitter (lovely young woman named Luisa), who will not just feed Stella (something a friend had offered to do), but also water the garden. She’ll get the tomatoes, which is fine, because she’ll also be ensuring the roses and berries survive.

There is one piece of very good news from the deck. The butterfly bush, which was looking quite dead after last summer’s heat dome, has bounced back better than ever. Now all I’d like to see are some butterflies which have been pretty thin in on the ground (or rather, in the air) this year. And the hydrangea, which I thought wouldn’t flower until after my departure, is opening up now.

Sadly, no walks with Georgie for a while. Joe took her off to Winnipeg a couple of weeks ago and won’t be back until after I leave.

But, in a couple of weeks I will be able to go for walks with the lovely girl.

River (for it is she) may not be Georgie, but I suspect I will enjoy her company.

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