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Portrait in blue

May 11, 2022

There are two temperatures on the island these days. One, when the sun is out from behind the clouds, which is warmish and almost feels like May. The other, when the sun has disappeared, which does not feel like May at all. 

And thus it was yesterday for my walk with Joe and Georgie. Full sunshine when I arrived, which made me wonder about my choice of a fairly light jumper and my thin waterproof jacket. (The jacket does indeed keep moisture out, but it also keeps moisture in if one begins to perspire.) No worries. Ten minutes later the sun had disappeared and a stiff breeze started. Ten minutes later the sun reappeared, ten minutes later it was gone again. And so it went.

One of the highlights of yesterday’s walk was emerging from woods into a field absolutely covered in beautiful purplish blue (or bluish purple) wildflowers. Wish I could take the credit for this photo, but it was taken by Joe.

After our walk, home to make an early (for me) dinner and prepare for a Zoom rehearsal (more on this some other time). By the time the rehearsal was over it was nearly dark outside and time (I can’t believe I’m saying this) to get the fire going.

I would be shivering under a blanket on the sofa of an evening if it weren’t for Joe, who has now twice allowed me to fill the boot of my car with wood from his very full woodshed to replenish my empty one. 

Still lighting a fire in the evening the second week of May? What the actual hell?

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