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Evidence to the contrary

April 29, 2022

This rhododendron seems to be under the impression that it is spring. I wish there was any other evidence to support this hypothesis.

I should be sitting outside on the deck in the mornings, sipping my cappuccino and admiring this floral display, but I’m not. It’s too fucking cold.

This has been the coldest spring I can remember. Nearly May and I’m still breaking down and lighting a fire every evening. Well, not for much longer. No, not because it’s due to warm up substantially but because I’m going to run out of firewood in the next couple of days. I’m already supplementing it with $6 shrink wrapped bundles of wood from the grocery store. 

I will soon be spending my evenings under the duvet on the sofa. Fortunately it’s still the winter weight duvet because, contrary to the optimism of the rhododendron, it’s too cold at night to swap it for the light weight one.

Yes, in theory I could just buy more firewood, but theories don’t always pan out. I live on a very fixed budget and I already have a spring expense to sort out. When I take the car in for a spring tune up and tire swap I have to get new tires. That’s going to be $500+ and I need at least a couple of months to come up with firewood money after that. 

Just looked (hoping against hope) at the weather forecast for the next seven days. Nope. Temperatures won’t get into the teens for the first week of May. Looks like it’s going to be a cold week. Oh, great. Just looked at the 14 day forecast. Same. God’s holy trousers. A fortnight under the duvet.

Perhaps I can keep the winter tires on until July. 

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  1. Rhododave permalink

    I am coming to believe that they respond more to the length of the daylight rather than temperature

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