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Commerce over common sense

April 8, 2022

Well, it’s official. The British Columbia government has completely lost its mind. Last month it threw out the mask mandate and as of today vaccine passports will no longer be required for restaurants, bars, theatres, concerts, etc. Yes, organisations can still require either or both, but how many will? 

Yes, you can pick up your free Covid testing kits at the pharmacy, but other than that the government has washed its hands of the pandemic. 

People are still unable to get elective surgeries because hospital beds are still filled up with (mostly unvaccinated) Covid cases. There is bound to be another surge in a few weeks, but never mind. You’re on your own, folks.

So, yes, get on out there, ladies and gentlemen and start your very own super spreader event.


The sheer stupidity of allowing commerce to trump common sense is infuriating. 

And, yes, I am pissed as hell that I am no longer going to feel comfortable enough to go out for a meal at a restaurant until it’s warm enough to sit outside. I did the right thing. I rolled up my sleeve and got all my doses of the vaccine. Goddamn it, I’m entitled to some sort of reward for that. And the anti-vaxxers should not be.

As the Freedumb Convoyers and their many supporters cheer this as a win (which in effect it is) for them, I just want to punch someone in the face.

Glad now that I never bought the Dr Bonnie Henry shoes. Not that I was ever considering it. By endorsing the lifting of mandates this once incredibly admired public health officer has illustrated a willingness to be every bit as anti-science as anything the Harper government did. Fuck her and the shoes she walked in with.

Oh, and fuck Premier John Horgan, too.

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  1. krysross permalink

    It’s the same here. Buck-a-beer Doug is very publicly handing out goodies leading up to the election, lifting mask mandates, lifting tolls on a couple of short highways, cancelling the price you pay for renewing your license plate stickers, and very quietly expanding privatized health care, cutting education budgets, throwing people with disabilities under the bus.

  2. Catherine Stewart permalink

    Sonia Furstenau, the Green leader, is the only BC politico with the guts to call it like it is. And when she did – mainstream media sell-outs attacked her. At least Charlie Smith at Georgia Strait has been doing a lot of truth-telling. Bonnie, Horgan and Dix have been hiding data all along, kept a tight grip on rapid tests when they could have helped in late ’21, abandoned track and trace, denied school and long-term care transmission and/or outbreaks and are STILL sticking with droplet theory when even WHO (and pretty much every global expert including Canada’s T.Tam) agree it’s clearly airborne. The list goes on — so many appalling choices, lies and betrayals – and yet polls show BCians still trust and applaud them. WTF? Well my N95 stays on, and fingers crossed we get through this. Hope we get a bunch of good Green candidates next election. Don’t know if I can ever vote NDP again.

    • The only thing I’m looking forward to is saying “My body, my choice” to any fuckwit who tries to tell me I should remove my mask.

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