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Winter sucks

April 3, 2022

Yes, I know it’s been a while. A long while. And I’m not going to lie. It’s been grim. 

Hours and hours and hours of daylight spent playing Freecell. Hours and hours and hours of night time sitting up until four, five or six in the morning bingeing streaming services. Housework? You’re having a laugh, aintcha? I’ve washed the dishes, done the laundry (although I’m not sure when I last did the sheets) and that was pretty much it. I’d have been mortified if anyone turned up at my door without warning.

Added to the general malaise, several weeks ago I found out something really quite disgraceful about someone who used to be a good mate and that knocked me for six for a chunk of the long while. 

Short pause while curiosity sends me googling for the origins of knocking someone for six. Cricket, of course. The highest score a batter can get against a bowler. Here’s a fun fact: earlier this week I googled the origin of the phrase “all at sixes and sevens” which now means in a complete muddle. Found out that the phrase actually dates back to the 1300s and referred to a dice game where throwing on a six or seven meant risking one’s entire fortune.

If it hadn’t been for my walks with Joe and Georgie I don’t know how far I would have sunk.

Random photo of Georgie to illustrate how impossible it is to be down in the dumps whilst in the company of this grinning dog.

It’s not just Joe (and Georgie). Other friends, both here and afar, have kept me going through the dark days of winter and I’m grateful to them all.

I’m re-engaging today because I’ve been “clean” for a week. Not a single game of Freecell (or any other form of computer solitaire). A few too-late nights, but I’m working on that, too. Plus, I’ve just been out doing interesting things for the past three evenings. For now that’s pretty good. 

Not saying normal (daily) service is about to resume. For one thing I’m in the process of adapting a panto script which I need to finish asap. But do expect to be hearing more from me once that’s done.

Winter sucks.

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One Comment
  1. Donna permalink

    Good on ya, my friend. You also brought joy to a certain someone this week… brightening their day immensely.

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