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The love tree

February 12, 2022

Facebook reminded me yesterday that it was very cold one year ago when I posted this photo.

So cold that I dug out a seldom worn hat and Georgie was wearing her coat, which, it turned out, went very well with said hat.

Not so yesterday. No coat for Georgie and no coat for me. My first walk of the year wearing just a fleece.

Georgie, who once resented being asked to sit still for a photo, has turned into quite a poser.

She managed, unassisted and despite her short legs, to clamber up on top of this huge rock, having decided herself that this would be a good photo op.

Quite how this huge rock ended up on top of a very large stump is a mystery. Joe reckons a couple of guys with a lever could have done it. I have my doubts.

Benches are obviously good for photos.

They’re also good to sit on and admire the view.

Yeah, I know, tough to take, innit?

Yesterday’s walk took us past some favourite sights. 

These two delightful fairy houses tucked into a huge old maple tree.

This stump, the top of which bears a striking resemblance to an open air coral reef.

The joy of walks in the woods is that you invariably notice something new, no matter how many times you’ve done that walk before. Yesterday I spotted what I immediately dubbed the love tree.

If you can’t really make it out in this photo, what you’re looking at is a young alder that’s wound its way three times around an older alder as it grew.

Also new to me yesterday was an amazing stump Joe had spotted on a previous walk. A perfect photo op for Georgie.

Pretty impressive, eh? Unfortunately for Georgie, clambering on top of this stump was too much for her. Some lifting by Joe was required.

A walk in a fleece. Buds on trees. A couple of days ago I left the house at 5:55pm to walk to a friend’s house for dinner and did not need my torch. Too soon to write winter off, but the light is definitely coming. Hurrah!

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