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Stupid week

January 14, 2022

Yes, I know it’s been a couple of days since my last post and it’s going to be another day (at least) before a proper one.

I’ve been having a stupid week. Tell you about that tomorrow when I have time. 

Right now I only have an hour until I have to go to meet Joe and Georgie for our first walk this week. The vet wasn’t sure about her limp, but suspects it’s her shoulder. So, no ball throwing for poor Georgie. Just a walk, but better than nothing.

I’ve had my booster, even though I don’t feel good about it. Standard sore arm the next day and some general achiness that Tylenol sorted. Still don’t really want to go anywhere in public other than the store. Omicron is definitely here on the island, unlike its predecessors. No one I know, but plenty of people I do know know of multiple cases. And off island friends whom I know to be super cautious have been stricken. 

Received my provincial property tax notice this week. Somehow the assessed value of my house has increased by 58% in one year. Fifty-eight percent. That’s insane. Apparently you can challenge this and I certainly intend to do so. This doesn’t necessarily mean a 58% increase in property taxes, but it will certainly be a hike. The value of my property is irrelevant. As I’ve said to friends this week, they’ll be taking me out of here in a box.

I can no longer kid myself that there is enough wood in the shed to last the winter, so I’m going to have to buy another cord. Oh, great. 

None of which is why this has been a stupid week. Just throwing things out there to fill space. Any time now I’ll get to 300 words (just have), which seems like a reasonable minimum. 

À demain.

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